Wednesday, July 5, 2023

IDEAS Blog Hop: Holidays - Taco Fiesta


Hi friends!! Thanks for joining the IDEAS team as we hop along and see some holiday project. Yup, that is the theme for July, "Holidays". What do you think of when you hear that, Christmas, Easter, or ?? Well, some people call vacations holidays, so the word encompasses a lot! This bundle is filled with so many fun holiday projects from Christmas to New Years to Family Fishing Holidays to Easter and Birthdays, suitcases, handbags, a seaside holiday and even a Taco Fiesta Party!! 

Can you guess which one mine is? Well, I hate to disappoint, but my designs are exclusive to the bundle, so you will have to get it to see. But, I have another card designed using the same technique as my bundle project to share with you. Consider it my gift to you, a bonus, if you will! And I didn't think about the fact that my Taco Fiesta was in the bundle, or I wouldn't have named my post as I did, but too late to change now....

Here is a collage with snippets of some of our projects. You can see the variety, even here:

Here is my bonus card for you:

You give the cupcake a few twists before you place it in the envelope, and when it is taken out, the cupcake does a few spins! Just a little fun for the recipient! 

This tutorial bundle includes 27 projects from 14 global demonstrators, over 75 pages of fun!! 

Have you seen enough? Would you like a copy of the tutorials for these projects for your personal use, or even to use in your classes? Contact your member demonstrator or me.  I offer three options to acquire our IDEAS tutorial bundle:

1. Place a $35 order with my online host code: XBMXT92B, or click here

2. It is free for all of my team members, join here.

3. Purchase it for $15 USD.

Once you have received the tutorials, please remember not to share or distribute the printed or electronic copies of these bundles. We have worked hard to provide these exclusive projects for your use. If you know someone that would like to purchase the bundle, please direct them to me to obtain their copy. Thanks for your support!

Will you go with me as I hop on over to MaryKate's blog to see what fun holiday she chose to showcase?


  1. Love your card idea...the floating element is great. Will give it a try...

  2. oh, I havent done these for years! how fun :)

  3. Great idea for invitations, I love the use of the punch on the card x

  4. Fun card greetings Caroline

  5. What a fun style for invitations, Debbi. Very cute!

  6. Wat een leuk idee om die cupcake een paar keer te draaien voor een verrassingsmomentje. Ga ik onthouden. Groetjes, Lida de Leeuw van Weenen

  7. Love the partial circle idea. x