Sunday, July 30, 2023


 Hi friends!

Sorry, I have been absent. We are camping (in our kids front yard) in Missouri. We cannot go many place due to our pups. We don't know anyone in Tennessee to sit for us like we did in California. So, we take them with us in our camper. We hadn't seen the Missouri kids since last October for Staci's wedding; we  decided to pack up the pups and head to Missouri. 

We had done this from California during 2020, when everything was closed down in CA. We left and drove to Missouri and camped in their yard then. We had a month long trip and had so much fun with the grands and great grand. Now 3 years later, we have another great grand! Having just as much fun just doing everyday things with them; coloring, drawing, sharing a meal, timing them when they are swimming, watching them hula hoop, and more....

The pups have a decent size area to hang out (no fenced yard) and love their pup tent!

I hope to be back to doing Facebook lives later this week, if I can ever get my husband to leave here!! 

Until next time...
Happy Craftin'!

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